Studying History and the Medieval World at Winchester: A Student’s Perspective

[In this blog Austin Pritchett, a final year BA student coming to the end studying for his degree in History and the Medieval World has kindly agreed to publish a reflection on his time with us in the History Department at Winchester]

I am coming to the end of my final year of studying History and the Medieval World at the University of Winchester. My overall experience of the degree has been an extremely positive one. I chose this course in particular because my main area of historical interest has always been the Middle Ages. However, the module choice for medieval students is not limited only to medieval topics. I have studied plenty of other periods such as Ancient Rome, British India and even Old English as a language. The course title guides the focus of your studies and what period your third year dissertation will cover, but it does not limit what modules you are able to study throughout.

Tutors consistently provide informative and engaging lectures, while opening up the floor for discussion during seminars. I have yet to attend a lecture or seminar which has not both interested me and made me think thoroughly about the topic of discussion. Tutors have also regularly demonstrated that they are willing to go above and beyond to help their students. I have always received support and feedback when I need it.

There have been plenty of educational experiences available. I have been able to study local Hampshire records, handle Saxon artefacts at the British Museum and most recently explored Hundred Years’ War documents at The National Archives. I highly recommend these enriching experiences to all medieval historians.

Socially, there are plenty of clubs and societies which cater to various interests and hobbies, all the way from sports to politics. The History Society (don’t let the name deceive you) hosts great socials, including its infamous white shirt pub crawl at the start of each year. Cliché aside, it’s definitely true that you find your friends for life at university. The messing around in the flat, the nights out, the deadline stress – it all forges great friendships with people you would not have met otherwise.

Having almost completed my time at Winchester, I know I will be able to look back on so many fond memories. The course, the city and the people here have all made this the best experience of my life, and I certainly feel ready for the future.

[The History Department would like to thank Austin for agreeing to write this blog and his kind word].

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