New Work on the Kinks by Winchester Historian

Carey Fleiner has recently published an academic study of the 60s rock band The Kinks and the society that produced them, entitled The Kinks: A Thoroughly English Phenomenon. Though perhaps not as well remembered as some of their contemporaries such as the Beatles or the Rolling Stones, The Kinks were one of the great bands to come out of Britain in the 60s, producing 24 studio albums between 1964 and 1996. Anyone who has ever enjoyed a Lazy Sunday Afternoon should thank the Kinks for this.

The book also considers the influence of the Kinks in their broader cultural terms as an act that was quintessentially English and a mirror of and counterfoil to nearly five decades of British and American culture.

The book has received several positive reviews, including one from the Washington Post. As part of the publicity for the book Fleiner was interviewed on talk radio Europe, a link to which can be found here:

The interview with Carey Fleiner begins at 16 minutes 20 seconds.

Congratulations are very much in order for Carey for publishing this excellent book.

For those interested in the book further detail can be found here:

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