Winchester historians participate in BBC History Weekend

Several members of the History department participated in BBC History Magazine’s ‘Winchester History Weekend’ between 7 and 9 October 2016. Dr Ryan Lavelle was the first speaker of the weekend talking about ‘Cnut the Great and his English Kingdom’. Lavelle was joined in giving hour long talks by distinguished authors and historians such as A.C. Grayling, Barry Cunliffe, Jonathan Dimbleby, Marc Morris, Michael Wood and Dan and Peter Snow to name but a few.

The weekend also afforded other members of the department to give 10 minute public talks on their research. Dr Rob Houghton spoke on ‘It’s Just a Bunch of Staff that Happened: Does Historical Accuracy Matter in TV, Films and Games?’, drawing on his expertise on the importance of the media in modern perceptions of the Middle Ages. Dr Sian Edwards drew on her research on youth movements in the English countryside, which she currently writing a monograph on, for her paper ‘Girls and Young Farmers’ Club training in 1950s Britain’. Recent PhD students Karl Alvestad and Emily Stiles spoke on aspects of their research on the use of St Olaf in the construction of Norwegian identity and the cultural memory of the Holocaust in Britain respectively.

The weekend also afforded the opportunity for five of the department’s research students to share the initial fruits of their work with the general public, in short 10 minute presentations. Nicola Tallis spoke on Lady Jane Grey; Terri Bickford spoke on the Equal Pay Acts of 1970 and 2010; Alison Wilcox spoke on ‘Defiant, Dissenting and Disobedient Women of the Great War’; Tom Wex spoke on the perceptions of soldiers and criminality in England at the end of the Hundred Years War; and Tony Griffiths spoke about England’s approach of medieval Jewish memory looking specifically at Winchester.

In all the weekend allowed the department to showcase its wide range of research interests and maintain its commitment to sharing such expertise with the general public.

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