Introducing the MClass in Classical Studies at The University of Winchester!

The new M.Class (Hons) in Classical Studies is a multi-disciplinary undergraduate programme in the Humanities that takes students on a four year course through the cultural and intellectual aspects of Classical History through to the subsequent influence and reception of Classical History in the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and into the modern era. Rooted in the Department of History, the M.Class (Hons) students will take modules in History, Archaeology, Art History, or in Theology, Religion and Philosophy.

MClass students develop their understanding of the Classical World from Year 1 foundation modules through to Year Four modules which are taught and assessed to Level 7 MA standards.

The multi-disciplinary MClass will allow students to benefit from the exchange of different perspectives and interpretation of historical evidence from tutors and classmates studying along different pathways, and thus they will deepen their understanding of the different contextual interpretations of particular documents, artefacts and monuments. While skills in Latin or Greek is not required, students will gain experience working with these languages within individual classes (for example, in deciphering inscriptions, or understanding relevant terms) or with opportunities to learn outside of the curriculum. Students will also gain hands-on experience with handling objects and material items; there are opportunities for volunteering and field trips as well as career guidance and support across all four years of study.

For more information, check out the prospectus at 

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