New Integrated 4-year Masters Degree in Classical Studies (M.Class)


Dr Carey Fleiner successfully led the validation of this new degree on Friday 8th November. Approved for six years, it will take new students with effect from September 2014. This is an exciting multi-disciplinary degree combining Classical History, Classical Archaeology, Classical Architecture, Classical Art, Classical Drama, Classical Literature and Classical Philosophy. It is expected to appeal particularly to students with A or AS Levels in Classics, Classical Civilisation, and Ancient History. Classical languages are not required for admission or indeed on the course, but opportunities are available for those who wish to study them. Whereas the existing Ancient, Classical and Medieval Studies degree (ACMS) has a strongly archaeological and practical emphasis, the new M.Class is classroom based and more literary in emphasis. It is hoped that the two degrees together will reinforce classical studies at Winchester, offer students a wider range of opportunities, and, in time, enable more Drama, Literature, and Philosophy modules to be added. The new course builds on many years of classical study at Winchester. The curriculum ranges from Classical Greece and Rome to the reception of Classical Civilisation in more recent times. There are several opportunities for work experience and preparation for teaching. The 4-year format is a new departure for the University of Winchester. Students signing up for the four year (rather than three year) degree will be equipped with a much enhanced understanding of  Classical Studies and will be eligible for a student loan for masters study, whereas no government finance is available for other MA degrees. Students may of course leave after three years with a BA Honours degree. There is provision also for a Combined Honours degree in Classical Studies with Drama, English, Sociology, and Theology and Religious Studies: other combinations may be added later. Joint degrees are not available with History or Archaeology because so much of the content overlaps with these disciplines and can be studied on existing Single Honours degrees in History or Archaeology.

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